CIO Event and VC Introductions

Present to and meet with CIO contacts at exclusive SPJ event attended by our investor network and members of the entrepreneur community. We work directly with our contacts to connect you with the needed support.


Access adjacent markets through SPJ’s network of channel partners who have deep ties with accounts eager to build competitive advantage by adopting the latest “enterprise-ready” technologies from Silicon Valley.

Investment Capital

Tap into our venture service from SPJ and The Tony Scott Group to receive an integrated offering of Capital.

Lead Generation

Increase outreach and traction by developing leads with an account-based, data-driven, outbound sales strategy. SPJ creates a predictable opportunity pipeline supported by a personalized sales automation platform to find prospects, automate outbound, and grow pipeline without the need of a full-time in-house team.

Partnership Launch

Refine strategies, make introductions, and maximize growth by working with mentors in our network of industry leaders, investment specialists, and subject matter experts across all verticals. Make the connections and build the relationships that are crucial for achieving growth targets.

Account Exec

Reach decision-makers at target accounts through SPJ’s personal network. Build a repeatable sales process, define / redefine your target customer and product, align your messaging and brand, drive cold outreach campaigns, and launch inbound marketing tactics.

Sales Enablement and Marketing

Build effective sales-focused content, infographics to quickly drive awareness, interest and engagement. Define brand, messaging, and value propositions.

Sales Engineer

Augment sales team with an embedded pre-sales engineer who can effectively communicate the technical value of products.

CRO-Field Ops

Access SPJ’s 30-plus years of sales experience to build an energetic sales organization, from leadership to rep, that can execute to achieve growth plans.

Fit to Culture Recruiting

Attract sales talent that is aligned with values and culture, and will help achieve growth objectives.

CRM and Automation Software

Identify and adopt the right business management software, including CRM and others, and optimize usage to drive growth. Focus sales on selling by automating manual tasks like data entry, and eliminating messy spreadsheets and ineffective tools.

Product UI Review and Design

Review, optimize, and design product user interfaces that drive engagement. Deliver an experience that attracts and retains clients by creating use cases, user workflows, wire frames, and interactive high-fidelity prototypes for product interfaces.

Are You Ready to Start?

We know that early success creates momentum and energy. That’s why we’re fully committed from day one.