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Let our start-ups and partners share their experience with SPJ.

Increasing the Prospect Close Rate by 300%

Working with Rhumbix, SPJ implemented an account-based sales model that addressed the pain points of middle of the funnel opportunities to increase the close rate by 300 percent.

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Driving a 200% Increase in Revenue

Within five months of the start of their engagement with PayStand, SPJ tripled revenue, closed the two of the largest deals in the company’s history, built a repeatable sales process, and overhauled the sales team.

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How SPJ Helped Armorblox Elevate, Scale and WIN!

SPJ facilitated the on-boarding of channel partners, revenue customers, a technical recruiting pipeline, a highly sought after Security PR Executive, traditional marketing, web development & content marketing that include quotes, pilots, and videos.

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Start-up and Partner Quotes

Rahul Pangam, Co-Founder/CEO Simility

“I could not have built this company without SPJ’s support and assistance”

Mark Tonnesen, CIO of Freedom Financial Network

“These guys are the Kevin Bacon of Silicon Valley. They are 6 degrees away from everyone we’ve wanted to reach”

Dave Stephens - CEO and Founder of FreeAgent Network

“Great entrepreneurs build great products not necessarily a repeatable sales model, that’s where SPJ comes in!”

Jeff Markowitz, Partner, Greylock Ventures

“SPJ has done great work in our portfolio, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to all of our enterprise companies.”

Jonathan Ebinger, BlueRun Ventures

“SPJ was key to getting the sales process first mapped out, then communicated and quickly implemented. I'll be working with them again.”

Steve O'Hara, Managing Partner, The Valley Fund

“SPJ serves a critically important function at our companies and do outstanding work.  Starting with the founders, they build a structure and process for sales and identify optimal go-to-market plans, customers and channels.  This has allowed our companies to get early looks with their customers and receive invaluable feedback. This process has afford our companies to vet certain features and functions and get early data sets for planning.  Moreover, SPJ has identified and landed customers which sets the stage for rapid momentum.  I highly recommend SPJ to any company who is serious about establishing the right sales strategy.”

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