SPJ Named Top 50 Tech Company for Contributions and Impact in Technology

SPJ named one of the “Top 50 Tech Companies” at the inaugural InterCon 2019 conference. This award recognizes companies for their contributions to technology and their impact on the new economy.


SPJ GTM Announces Three Startups On The Summer 2019 Path to the Enterprise

SPJ GTM, a Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator that provides early-stage growth, capital, mentoring, and C-Suite connection for cybersecurity, fintech, and industrial B2B tech startups, announces their Summer 2019 portfolio of startups on the Path to the Enterprise.


How SPJ Helped Armorblox Elevate, Scale and WIN!

SPJ’s collaboration led to the on-boarding of three channel partners, revenue customers, and a technical recruiting pipeline. Armorblox has since landed a highly sought after Security PR Executive, traditional marketing, web development, and content marketing that include quotes, pilots, and videos...all courtesy of the SPJ network and GTM approach.


SPJ Startup Suite Success at RSA 2019

The SPJ Startup Suite formula is customized for every conference, but the general equation is pretty simple: a “suite” location + meaningful events + qualified attendees = high-quality opportunities. For the RSA Conference 2019, these were the success highlights.


The Executive Gigger Model - SPJ Style

Over the last few years, SPJ has built their firm as the early days' innovation arm to growing portfolio of privacy and security startups in the Valley. When a founder has been heads down building, SPJ brings the muscle and memory to know when to crawl, when to walk, and when to step out into the light.


SPJ GTM and Tony Scott launch a strategic affiliation

SPJ GTM and Tony Scott launch a strategic affiliation to bridge the gap between technology innovation, capital, and customers.

Featured Start-Up


DarkOwl Vision automatically, anonymously and continuously collects, indexes and ranks actionable data from the darknet - unlike the conventional approach which relies heavily on manpower.

Featured Start-Up


Banyan's Zero Trust Security Mesh eliminates costly and complicated VPN deployments. Banyan increases compliance and tightens security when accessing corporate applications such as Atlassian Confluence, Microsoft Sharepoint and Oracle E-Business Suite running in public clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

Featured Start-Up


Armorblox secures the human layer in the enterprise by understanding all textual data using the latest advances in natural language understanding and machine learning.

Featured Start-Up

Security Scorecard

Instantly Rate and Interpret the Security Risk of Any Company- SecurityScorecard. Instant Visibility. Real Time Monitoring. Actionable Insights. Non Intrusive. Services: Security Risk Assessment, Security Rating, Vendor Compliance.

Featured Start-Up


Application layer security for modern teams. Prevent attacks on your applications and APIs before they affect your business with a more intelligent security platform.

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