Boston, Beers, and Blockchain - SPJ Startup Success In Beantown

SPJ events at AWS re:Inforce in Boston July 24 - 27 saw great success for startups StrongSalt, Chainkit by PencilData, and Templarbit. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you!

Many thanks to our sponsors Technologent, Rubrik and Armor who co-hosted with us.

SPJ Club31 Welcome to Boston Happy Hour at The Harpoon Brewery & Kings Entertainment

Approximately 100 people attended as a result of our pre-event invites including security professionals from Adidas, Capital One, MaryKay, Acorns, McKinsey & Company, Citigroup, Samsung, Anthem and AT&T. Additionally, we had a number of VCs and Blockchain investors travel in from NYC to attend and meet our founders.

StrongSalt CEO, Ed Yu, featured on theCUBE at AWS re:Inforce

StrongSalt Launches StrongVault App

StrongSalt founder and CEO, Ed Yu, used the conference and SPJ events as a platform to announce the launch of StrongVault - the free mobile app that ensures privacy for file sharing and messaging and gives enterprise developers and privacy-focused security teams an early look into the StrongSalt platform and its future composable application for privacy. StrongSalt will provide privacy as a service composable application for platforms, websites, mobile apps, and beyond much like Stripe does for payments and Twilio for communication. Download StrongVault on iPhone or Android to see end-to-end privacy for your own data sharing & messaging.

Chainkit CEO, Val Bercovici, featured on theCUBE at AWS re:Inforce

PencilDATA/Chainkit Founder and CEO

Val Bercovici and his team chained everyone up with old school rapper chains to highlight their solution, Chainkit. Share the Chainkit API key with your team and have them start adding it to their files and workflows. It will alert you when someone touches or tampers with your work immediately. Val will send a Chainkit rapper chain to anyone who signs up! Have your teams give it a try. Great solution, easy to implement and quick to see results. Helps you prepare for the soon coming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) audits.

Templarbit Retro Games Are Fun. Retro WAFs are No Contest.

The Templarbit team held a contest for anyone who signed up to put Templarbit head to head vs their legacy WAF (Web Application Firewall). The Templarbit Challenge gave away the new Playstation Classic game console because, well, those are classic fun! But classic WAFs are not fun. They typically fall behind current cyber attack types but are still deployed, running, and incredibly difficult for companies to change and update. Templarbit is bringing the best of machine learning to their AppSec Intelligence Platform to stop malicious traffic, keep sensitive data from getting exposed, discover anomalies that could be early indicators of a breach.

Sign up here to take the Templarbit Challenge. See what they find attacking you vs your Classic WAF and get a Playstation Classic. We know its hard for anyone to make a change or take time to test something new so we have made it easy for your teams to try Templarbit and see what could be being missed by Classic WAFs. Give it a Try Today!

Where will SPJ be next?

SPJ Club31 Event
International Champions Cup - Arsenal FC vs. Bayern Munich

July 17 - 18

SPJ will be guests of Bayern Munich hosting a small event during the match.

SPJ Club31 Event
US Open Tennis Championships

August 26-28

Come see our Portfolio and their first serves land in for aces at Grand Central Station. Then go on the 7 train with us to see actual first serves at the US Open as our guest.

SPJ Startup Suite
AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, NV

December 2019

It’s the second year in a row for our biggest show of the year - SPJ Startup Pavilion, Suite, and Club31 events will all be back. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details!

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