SPJ GTM Announces Three Startups On The Summer 2019 Path to the Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 11, 2019 - SPJ GTM, a Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator that provides early-stage growth, capital, mentoring, and C-Suite connection for cybersecurity, fintech, and industrial B2B tech startups, announces their Summer 2019 portfolio of startups on the Path to the Enterprise.

To date, SPJ services have led to over $35 million in revenue, hundreds of multi-year, global enterprise contracts, and over $80 million in funding for their family of startups.

“Through close partnership with our enterprise and channel partner networks, we are able to get real-time, C-Suite perspective on the challenges and gaps they are seeing within their current tech stack,” said Steve Erbst, SPJ Founding Partner. “Our focus every quarter is to identify and partner with startups solving those problems in the most innovative and game changing ways, then through our expansive suite of go-to-market services, create quick momentum for their growth into the enterprise market.”

The startups on the Summer 2019 Path to the Enterprise include:


Founder - Ed Yu

StrongSalt protects your data so it is safe and private from everyone and everything, including AI. StrongSalt, the privacy platform for your information on a decentralized network, makes cloud as private as your thumb-drive and on-premise as secure as your vault. StrongSalt's searchable encryption not only protects your privacy but also enables sharing and data marketplace. StrongSalt’s decentralized blockchain ledger keeps your information and network secure by monitoring and auditing all data access at all times.


CEO - John Keister

MixMode is the first to bring a third-wave, context-aware AI approach that automatically learns and adapts to dynamically changing environments. MixMode’s platform, PacketSled, better understands network behavior as it adapts to baseline changes and enables both misuse detection and anomaly detection, as well as predictive maintenance. Used by enterprises and MSSPs for real-time network analysis, threat hunting and incident response, the platform leverages continuous stream monitoring and retrospection to provide network forensics and security analytics. Security teams can integrate PacketSled into their orchestration engine, SIEM, or use PacketSled independently to dramatically reduce false positive alerts and the resources required to respond to persistent threats, malware, insider attacks and nation state espionage efforts.

Chainkit by PencilData

Founder - Val Bercovici

Integrating best of breed development and database tools with best of breed blockchain integrity, Chainkit delivers maximum value to customers implementing security and compliance solutions. No artificial crypto tokens required or blockchain development walled gardens to limit your choices. Chainkit integrates with all your existing and future systems today, making it the leading System of Trust to complement your Systems of Record, Engagement and Intelligence.

Startups partnering with SPJ have access to multiple product launching opportunities including but not limited to exclusive CIO / CISO events, VC introductions, investment capital, account-based sales programs, branding and message building, and inbound marketing activation.  

“SPJ startups get hands-on, individualized attention from day one,” said Patrick Johnson, SPJ Founding Partner. “The combination of our experienced team of tech growth hackers, C-Suite Ambassador mentors, and network of investors has proven to be a strong formula for building a foundation of early success for our founders.”

About SPJ

SPJ helps early-stage startup founders and companies accelerate their growth and create a clear path into the Enterprise. We embed from the ground up with innovative products solving industry-specific challenges, craft messaging that gets reactions, ignite campaigns that land deals, and invest in high-growth futures. www.spjgtm.com

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